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Leccio Brown Click Lock SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring 7.2x48"

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    SPC Luxury Vinyl Tile

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$2.59 square foot (sold by case)
7.2" x 48" planks
10 pieces per case
23.89 Square feet per case
Protección rayos UV

UV protection layer. Provides extra durability and protects colors.

resistencia al desgasteresistencia a lod golpesresistencia a las manchas

12 mil protective wear layer prevents excessive wear. Gives scratch resistance and provides superior protection against stains and bumps. Child and pet proof

Acabado hiper-realista

High definition decorative layer. Realistic designs are printed in high resolution, creating a unique natural style.

ImpermeableResiste a plagasSin folmaldehidosImpermeableEstable al cambio de temperaturas

Stone composite coreExclusive rigid core. 100% waterproof, prevents expansion and contraction. Ideal for kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. 

Aislante acústico

EVA layer - Pre-attached underlayment It insulates acoustically, fixes the product on the surface and absorbs imperfections from the subfloor.

Montaje en un click

Click to install. Adhesive-free installation. 
14F Click angular - Easy to install for DIY or flooring contractor

Suitable for floor and wall

Suitable for floor and wall.  Residential and light commercial use

standard relief

EIR. Standard relief - realistic wood look surface

core thickness 4.5 mm

5.5 mm Total thickness


Upgrade your home with the superior quality of Leccio SPC vinyl flooring. With a higher percentage of PVC and calcium carbonate, this flooring stands out from the rest. The innovative click-lock installation system makes assembly quick and effortless, without the need for adhesives or special tools. Simply fit, click, and voila! This flooring can be placed over a variety of surfaces, as long as they are smooth, solid, and dry.

This 5.5 mm thick flooring combines technology and efficiency for a superior product. Its waterproof, slip-resistant, scratch, and stain-resistant properties make it the perfect choice for any environment, including homes with children and pets. The flooring is also effortless to clean and maintain, with no special treatments required.

Our SPC flooring also offers excellent soundproofing, stability, comfort, and durability. It's perfect for use in temperatures ranging from 5°C to 40°C and is UV resistant, recyclable, and flame-retardant. Additionally, it's free of toxic and allergic components, making it safe for babies and pets. The best warranty on the market guarantees its superior quality and performance.

In short, Leccio SPC vinyl flooring offers a product that has it all. With its realistic finish, effortless installation, and numerous technical advantages, it's the ideal choice for homeowners who want a flooring solution that is both stylish and practical.

30 years residential
15 years commercial

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