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NotchTile 14" XL Trowel 6mm Copper (Right Hand)

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Revolutionizing Tiling with NotchTile™ Technology

Meet the XL HUDS NotchTile™ by REFINA – the future of adhesive spreading notch tiling trowels, meticulously developed to enhance the tiling process. This top-of-the-line, lightweight, and robust trowel is designed by seasoned professionals to accommodate any tile or slab size, providing unmatched comfort and control during use.


Engineered for Precision and Durability

The XL 14" right-hand, 6mm NotchTile™ features a striking copper color, embodying years of research and development. It was conceived from the innovative ideas of Ken Hudson from HUDS Tiling Services, who approached REFINA with the goal of improving tiling tools based on his extensive, high-quality tiling experience. Despite exploring modifications of existing trowels, it was clear that a completely new solution was necessary to meet his exacting standards.

The trowel’s blade is coated with a distinctive, high-quality finish that not only makes cleaning effortless but also extends the life of the tool by adding a layer of protection to the premium steel. Additionally, the NotchTile™ trowel boasts a specially engineered laser-cut H45 notch pattern. This unique design is purpose-built to effectively undercut adhesive, allowing for easier ridge collapse with minimal pressure.

The two-step notch design ensures comprehensive adhesive coverage, facilitating flawless application across extensive surface areas. This trowel is an essential tool for professional tile installers and dedicated DIY enthusiasts who aim for perfection in their tiling projects.

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