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Luxe Acoustic Teak 3D Slat Panel Wall Profile - MDF

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Introducing our exquisite Luxe Acoustic 3D Slat Wall Panel, a pinnacle of sophistication crafted from premium engineered MDF wood. Elevate your space with a seamless fusion of luxury and functionality.

Designed to transcend ordinary interiors, Luxe boasts a meticulously engineered MDF surface that not only captivates with its striking 3D design but also delivers superior acoustic performance. Revel in the richness of high-quality MDF wood, meticulously chosen for its durability, resilience, and sumptuous aesthetic.

Each panel is a testament to precision craftsmanship, with the intricate 3D slat pattern adding depth and texture to your surroundings. Immerse yourself in an acoustic experience like never before, as Luxe effortlessly absorbs and diffuses sound, creating an ambiance of tranquility and refinement.

Installation is a breeze, ensuring that your space transforms into a haven of luxury without compromise. Whether it's a residential masterpiece or a commercial sanctuary, Luxe sets the stage for a harmonious blend of opulence and acoustic perfection.

Elevate your environment with Luxe Acoustic 3D Slat Wall Panel – where luxury meets acoustics in a symphony of style and sound.

Size:  4.8 in wide X 110.2 in. length X 0.7 in. ( 18 mm ) thickness
Pieces per case: 4
Square feet per case:  14.6
Square feet per piece: 3.65
Sold by the Case



Material: MDF Engineered Wood
Finish: Matte

Residential and Commercial Wall Use
Interior Wall and Ceiling Use
Shiplap Look
This product is not paintable
No Staining required

Greenguard / Greenguard Gold Certified - UL 2818
EPD Certified - ISO 14025 / EN 15804

Compatible Corner Right (sold by the piece)
Compatible Corner Left (sold by the piece)

It is highly recommended to order with the sample swatch option before placing an order to ensure that the chosen product is suitable for your project and to minimize the likelihood of returns.

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