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Electroplated Polishing Pad Combo Pack (Grit 60-100-200-400)

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Up Your Polishing Game with the Calidad 4" Electroplated Diamond Polishing Pad Combo Pack - for dry and wet use. 

Achieve stunning polishing results effortlessly.

Our 4 specially designed Calidad Electroplated Diamond Polishing Pads are your go-to solution for high-demand tasks, deftly engineering surfaces to a level of brilliance that stands out in a class of its own. Each pad has been infused with a unique diamond concentration, making it a master of flexibly gliding across surfaces, bestowing a consistently radiant finish wherever it goes.

While electroplated pads may not endure as long as their honeycomb counterparts, their efficient performance more than compensates, leaving behind a captivating imprint of perfection.


Versatile polishing pads that excel on various materials: tile, engineered stone, porcelain, quartz, marble, or granite. 

Calidad 4" Electroplated Diamond Polishing Pad Set outperforms, time and again, exceeding your highest expectations.

Our multi-faceted set features four individual grit types, each offering increasing precision and polish. The lower grit pads, comprising 50, 100, and 200 grit options, are robust yet refined, proficiently reducing t and porcelain surfaces without over-eroding them. Each succeeding pad is designed to process the scars left by the previous one expertly, ensuring a progressively smoother surface. Finally, the 400-grit pad provides a mesmerizing finishing touch, transcending the realms of mere polishing into the territory of stunning artistic creation.

Experience the exceptional Calidad 4 Electroplated Diamond Polishing Pad Set, your one-stop solution for achieving a remarkable, head-turning shine!

Disclaimer: For optimal results, pair with a Calidad backer pad.

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