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Calidad Diamond Chamfer Cone 35mm-75mm "Big Boy"

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"Big Boy" Diamond Chamfer Cone 35mm-75mm — Precision and efficiency in all your grinding tasks

Engineered for excellence, the Calidad Diamond "Big Boy" is an indispensable universal tool for a diverse range of applications, including polishing, stone carving, hollow tangents, shaping, trimming, and enlarging holes. It effortlessly creates rounded indentations to accommodate pipes or electrical wire lines, making it ideal for achieving flawless inside radius corners.

Enhance the visual appeal of edge finishing on exposed holes with the Calidad Diamond Beveling Chamfer Bit. It consistently delivers smooth, uniform results and is perfectly suited for a variety of materials, including porcelain, hard ceramics, granite, marble, and stone.

Consider this innovative chamfering tool an investment in your craft. Elevate your grinding tasks to new heights with its exceptional durability, precision, and versatility. Once you experience the difference, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

The Calidad Diamond Beveling Chamfer Cone is highly recommended for tile installers, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, remodelers, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Embrace this versatile tool's professional-grade impact and watch your projects reach new levels of excellence.


A lifesaver for any curve that needs grinding. 

Disclaimer: This is not a core bit for drilling. The tool is designed for beveling and cleaning hard surface holes, and reinforcing /cleaning chipped borders.

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