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5" Cutting & Grinder Diamond Blade "Durty Kurt" (Flangeless)

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    Angle Grinder Blades

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Tile Bro's signature turbo diamond blade, "Durty Kurt", guarantees top cutting performance and a chip-free experience. 

The "Durty Kurt" 5” Turbo Mesh Grinder Disc stands out in the realm of cutting tools, combining turbo technology with advanced materials for peerless performance. Its specialized diamond blend and industrial-grade durability facilitate smooth, precise cuts on a variety of hard surfaces.

The innovative mesh design not only enhances heat dispersion but also minimizes friction, elevating your cutting efficiency to new heights. With a thicker kerf and a specialized cutting surface, it's crafted to handle thicker materials effortlessly, preventing any unwanted metal marks during operation.

Its robust construction, featuring a reinforced core and tensioning system, guarantees stability and a vibration-free experience, ensuring comfort and precision in every cut.

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