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10mm (3/8") Diamond Milling Finger Bit "Le Finger"

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    Milling Finger Bit

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A universal and robust 10mm diamond milling finger for fine, detailed work. 

Discover a universal and robust multi-tool designed for precise, intricate work across various applications. With its diamond-encrusted core, "Le Finger" milling bit offers unmatched versatility and durability. 

This diamond finger milling bit is designed for detailed work on various hard surfaces, especially for enlarging, opening up, shaping, and/or rounding existing holes without the risk of cracking the subject.

"Le Finger" can mill out edge details on countertops, faucets, shower heads, and backsplashes. A fast solution for cleaning corners of L-shaped cuts. As a result, this Calidad finger milling bit is perfect for minor detailing of granite, marble, and tile edges. 

For all the detailed work. 

Disclaimer: Not designed to make holes but to shape and enlarge existing holes.

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